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Disney World Or London…Depends On What You Are Looking For

Summer is quickly approaching, and many are searching for the perfect destination for their getaway. With an abundance of Disney Resort Hotel packages to choose from, it is nearly impossible to find the one that will make everyone happy. If you are a family with older kids or no kids at all, there are an abundance of ways to enjoy Disney as an adult. You don’t have to love the up and down rides; there are shows, and spectacular dining destinations abound. Even single people can find their perfect dream vacation going to Disney World.


Starting in January, Club Villain has taken the kingdom by storm. Unlike the other components to Disney that are all about bringing out the child in all of us, this is an attraction that is purely for adults only. DJs mix music in an ultimate club experience, with no kids allowed. There are also other adult-focused resort destinations that have nothing to do with kids at all. A very expensive vacation, Disney World is worth every penny. Whether it is booking a world-class massage, visiting an upscale casino, or taking advantage of all the luxury that Disney has to offer, there is nothing “childish” about many parts of Disney.

Unlike the winter months when there are a ton of people trying to escape cold weather climates, the summer time brings some of the best Disney World vacation packages available. All inclusive resorts offer dining and attraction all rolled into one. Even during the summer deals can fill up fast, so it is best to plan ahead of time.

If Disney doesn’t strike your fancy, then maybe London should be your destination for the summer time. The perfect place to immerse yourself into another culture, London comes alive with festivals, street fairs and entertainment that is out of this world. No need to travel alone either, there are London escorts 24/7 to accompany you around the city and show you the land just as the locals know it.

The best part about heading to London this summer is that there are so many things to do. From taking a tour around the city and seeing the architecture, or visiting Abbey Road, the city is full of things to visit and history to see. A young person’s city for sure, when the lights go down, the city never sleeps. The hotels know just how to find the perfect things to recommend and to set a course for their patrons to make the best of their trip.

There is no doubt that Disney World is a destination that is all about adults, but if you want to skip the theme park and head instead to a world class adult-arena city, then London is the perfect place to go. No matter what hotel you choose, there is something that will supply you with happiness in the sun and fun. Day or night, there is always something to do. Take those vacation days and use them wisely hitting a course for fun this summer.

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